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US Currency: The Crowning Days of Glory Are Not Over

Investors continue to show signs of worry about the depreciation of the US dollar.  The decline in value means that US exports are cheaper for foreign businesses driving up risk and competition for US businesses.  As a result of this fear shown by the plummeting volume of trade in financial markets, American businesses are increasingly withdrawing capital spending.

US currency has been facing a downward spiral since 2002.  Although Americans, collectively, continued to spend more than the income generated investors and lenders became more risk averse towards investing.   Feelings about the dollar reached reality TV stardom when in 2005 Saturday Night Live parodied the currency in a skit titled, “The Not Incredible Adventures of the Down and Out Dollar.”  (more…)


Are Corporate Takeovers a Thing of the Past?

During the 1980s, I can recall a time when it seemed as if everything you heard about corporate America were reports on corporate takeovers.  The evening news was saturating the airwaves with key terms like: leveraged buyouts, hostile takeovers, mergers and acquisitions, and the like.  There was so much news about it that Hollywood became the social media commentators with movies like, “Other People’s Money,” “Wall Street,” and my personal favorite, “The Secret of My Success.”

So what has happened since then?  Have takeovers become a thing of the past?  Or has Hollywood and the news media simply moved on to other pressing corporate/social issues. (more…)

GM’s Stock Buyback: Are Repurchases Beneficial?

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It was recently announced that General Motors would buyback all of its $2.1 billion worth of shares of its preferred stocks from the Department of Treasury (Shepardson, Oct 28, 2010, DetNews.com).  This announcement comes just weeks before the scheduled initial public offering is set to begin for the company. (more…)