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Yahoo Launches Comeback with Pilot TV Program

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In an attempt to revamp itself, Yahoo! Inc. (NASDAQ:YHOO) recently announced its introduction into broadcast television.

Yahoo! Connected TV is the latest technologically-driven, all-in-one devices to hit the consumer market. This Internet-enhanced television will feature broadcast interactivity, mobile device connectivity, and TV apps. “The new feature is slated to launch with select national broadcast and cable TV leaders and top brand advertisers. Yahoo! is collaborating with ABC, CBS, HSN, and Showtime on content for a pilot program in the first half of 2011…,” announced in a Yahoo press statement.

Yahoo is also disbanding several of its online features like flickr, delicious, zimbra, a corporate email and calendar software provider, and its job database, hotjobs, in efforts to simplify the company’s new direction. (more…)


Municipal Bond CDS: Friend or Foe?

Credit-Default Swaps: A term not heard very often by the public but is, instead, increasingly growing with anticipation for many investors- some would even say growing in fear.

Credit default swaps, or CDSs, are insurance-like contracts between banks that insure against default on a loan or bond. CDSs are credit derivatives of either corporate or municipal bonds, and like insurance, they offer collateral in the form of premiums to offset risk. This difference between collateral and risk is the “spread”, and therefore, the spread is the trade or swap. For further explanation on the complete makeup and history of credit default swaps, read “Credit Default Swaps: From Protection To Speculation.” (more…)