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Why I’m Not Sold on Bitcoin

As globalization expands and technology evolves many conclude that the foreseeable threat to privacy is closer than one would imagine.  Even more prevalent- those same people would argue- is for the need for innovation in personal security to be just as fast as the speed in access to information to be both set with the same global speedometer.

I couldn’t agree more.

I recall of a time long, long ago back before the internet ruined… I mean enhanced our lives; when the newly developing concept of e-commerce was in its infancy stage.  You remember- if you’re old enough to- how life as we knew it would change EVERYTHING.  We thought life as ‘The Jetsons’ have finally become a reality. With just one click of a button whatever you wanted would instantly appear. No more trekking all the way to the corner store for milk. Need a lozenge for your sore throat? Just press “enter.” Believe me I’m not exaggerating I remember having conversations like these on the endless possibilities of the internet. (more…)