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Lessons to Learn: How Bad Customer Service Can Best Serve Us All

Horrible customer service; at one point (or two, three, four…) we’ve all experienced it. From the disinterested employee and their despondent supervisor to the corporate-level manager who seemingly is never in the office when you attempt to speak with them, when acts such as these occur, they are far from comparable – yet alone compelled – to a shred of decency.

Unfortunately, when it comes to resolution matters, I justly feel that I have had more than my fair share of terrible experiences. Ever had someone to hang up on you when they couldn’t figure out what to do? It is not a pleasant feeling. For those of you old enough to remember, sometimes finding someone who is capable of and willing to help is like playing a game of “Press Your Luck;” you’re anxiously and silently declaring “No Whammies, no Whammies,” only to be met instead with a devilishly, smarmy little monster of a creature and in return receiving nothing. The overwhelming sense of your basic expectations of assistance not being met has an astounding ability to completely ruin your day. (more…)