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When ‘Serving up’ Business, Don’t Forget Company Culture

“Bon Appétit!”

I admit, hunger doesn’t typically pop into mind when pondering business strategies, and, that it is a rather odd request when discussing the matter of company culture (the soup du jour, if you will), nevertheless, it is my intention to present this subject in a pleasing and easily digestible way. I should point out a word of caution, as you can gather; there will be puns in this post.
To begin, instead of the usual “5 Steps to Achieve…” or “10 Things Never to do…” approach, I thought it would be fun to play-up the concept of the institution of business as a well prepared and hopefully delightful dish. Cutlery included.
Whether its a startup, a small business operation or a seasoned company, when recognizing what is at the core of your business, consider culture as one of the main ingredients to running a successful business. We understand the importance of customer service, alliances with other businesses and organizations, and having mutual support from your respective communities, but, these actions are usually developed after the business has already been established.